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Taken with the iPhone camera app Hipstamatic Aug. 2010

Taken with the iPhone camera app Hipstamatic Aug. 2010

Welcome to my gaming tattoos page. Here you’ll find pictures and background detail on both of my gaming tattoo sleeves. 52 Hours later Sleeve #2 (Arm) is finally complete! Click a picture to launch the Flickr viewer.  Mouse over to enable navigation.  If you are on touch screen device, click the picture once to enable navigation after launching the slideshow.  Enjoy!Taken with the iPhone camera app Hipstamatic Aug. 2010

Press for my Gaming Tattoos
Ars Gaming Editor Ben Kuchera was kind enough to write two great stories about my gaming tattoo sleeves.  Check them out:

Ars reader designs the ultimate gaming tattoo (12/6/07)
The images and stories behind the most epic game tattoos on one man (12/22/10)

Gaming Tattoo Sleeve 2 (Completed 11/4/10)
Main Characters: Vault Boy (Fallout), Super Mario, Duck Hunt Dog & Duck, Ms. Pac-Man
Game Logos: Mass Effect (N7, Renegade, Paragon, and Cerberus), Assassin’s Logo (Assassin’s Creed)
Game Art: Bullet Bills (Super Mario Series), Red Mushroom (New Mario Bros.), Lumas (Mario Galaxy), Normandy SR1 (Mass Effect), Portal Icons (Portal), Fox Hound (Metal Gear Solid)
Location: Right Arm
Completed: April – November 2010
Total Time: 52 Hours
Tattoo Studio: Ascension Custom Dermagraphics
Artist: Hoffa
Work in Progress Thread at Ars Technica

Video (From session 5 doing galaxy on my elbow)

Gaming Tattoo Sleeve 1
Main Characters: Scorpion, Samus, Alucard, Sam Fisher, Darth Malak
Game Logos: Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake, Jedi Knight 2
Game Art: Citadel (Half Life 2), Agility Orb (Crackdown), Crimson Omen (Gears of War), Bats/Moon (Castlevania)
Location: Right Leg
Completed: September – November 2007
Total Time: ~25 Hours
Tattoo Studio: Cast Iron Tattoo
Artist: Larry
Work in Progress Thread at Ars Technica (Thread closed and pics are no longer visible)

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  1. You, my good sir, are awesome.

  2. just clicked thru every pic. those tatts are dope. i cant even think of something that creative to get let alone find an artist to do it. your artist must love you bringing in constant biz…

  3. Dude, you are my freaking HERO. Extra-special mad props for the Mass Effect ink–getting the Normandy done is beyond awesome, and the whole thing looks absolutely brilliant.

  4. Wow… I’ve never been so in love with a set of tattoos in my life!! SO RAD! <3

  5. Might seem like a stupid question. Sorry if it is… what do you do for work?

    • I mean… I know you do the whole pro-wrestler thing… but is that how you make ends meet?

    • I work a corporate job for a large entertainment company. So I wear business clothes which cover the tats at work. :) Everyone knows I have them but of course I was smart to put my tattoos in places that cannot be seen when wearing long sleeves and pants.

  6. Awesome tats man, you can color me jealous!

  7. Hello,

    Please could you get in contact with me as soon as possible regarding your tattoo pictures? My email is r*******m@*******.com.

    Many Thanks


  8. Totally…. motherlicking… rad… bro. Very cool.

  9. I love you. Marry me? lol! Your pieces are everything I love about gaming!!! <3 You had my heart at Mass Effect & Gears of War

  10. love the tatoos man, my favorite is the imperial insignia. if you could add a pic at another angle with palpatine that would be awsome. thx

  11. That sir, is some BAD ASS Ink, mad props for all of it. Having a few hours under the needle myself i can appreciate the time and pain involved in those sleeves. Sleeves are my next project after the back is done.
    I believe the Ars T. article mentioned leg ink as well? Is that more gaming material or something else?

  12. Righteous ink mate!!

    I think my first gaming tattoo is going to be a mash up of logos.. Sort of a history of video games starting with Atari, sega genesis, PS1, xbox, Dream cast, etc you know the whole thing..

    Or maybe just do companies I adore such as Nintendo, Sony, Bioware, Blizzard, Valve, EA…

    • Thank you! That’s a similar process to what I did to arrive at the art I wanted to use for my leg sleeve!

      • Did you come up with the art style yourself or did you just throw together all these characters to the tattoo artist and say Hey dude can you whip something up?

        Because I am not exactly the greatest at art nor manipulating photos in photoshop to put together a montage worthy enough to ink.

        • No I picked the art very carefully by looking at Google Images and game art in general. I picked them out and thought of a general theme for the the sleeve. Then I worked with my artist to refine the vision and bring it to life. Any good tattoo artist will draw the design and review it with you before doing it. You are not responsible for designing the tattoo yourself, only having the general idea. :)

  13. Oh man, this is just incredible. This is the inspiration I was looking for. I have been looking around for ideas on a gaming sleeve and I had a lot of references similar to the ones you have used and yours has given me a good idea of how I want mine done, plus I’ve just found a great artists who will do it justice!

    Amazing sleeve man. Well done. (Y)

  14. As a videogame player most of my young life your tattoos are truly an inspiration! Your artist did a wonderful job and it makes me happy to see such beautiful works of art. I hope you enjoy those tattoos for many many years.

    Congrats sir, on great taste.

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